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Dimensions determine

The required dimensions of the connectors are:

  • - Bearing diameter,
  • - Mounting width and
  • - Screw / bolt diameter.
  • Bearing diameter
    This is determined by the damper manufacturer. In recent Rock Shox and Fox shocks, this is ½ "or 12.7 mm. Here then is sufficient to specify: "FOX shock".

    Mounting width

    This can be determined on the frame or the old bushes.
    Note: Usually the installation widths above and below different.


    Bolts / bolt diameter

    This is usually 8 or 6 mm.
    Bolt diameter

    Additional Information

    The outside diameter of my jacks is 18 mm.

    The Bushes have always a bore diameter of 8 mm. For M6 screws then an adapter tube is included.
    6mm tube

    The sleeves are dimensionally matched to the plastic plain bearings, ie the original bearings do not fit in my sockets.